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My name is Kyla Thompson, and I welcome you, kids, like me, to our space! My mom passed away of metastatic breast when I was 13. She was first diagnosed when I was two years old.  I didn't know what breast cancer was then.   11years later, on October 21, 2014, a world that was filled with sports, homework, friends, and more shifted in a few seconds. 

My mom was gone.  

It was at a breast cancer walk just a few weeks later, with thousands of people, when I realized the need for #pinkkids. Of all the walkers, more than half were kids. I knew then I wasn’t alone.

I knew we needed to connect with each others and  #pinkkids is the place for that connection. We are starting by sharing stories on the blog and through podcasts, as well as a private Group (link below). We’ll keep you up to date through SBC emails, as well as our Instagram (_pinkkids_).

Looking forward to talking!

Do you have a mom or dad who has been diagnosed with breast cancer? Or perhaps you have lost a parent to MBC? Connect with Kyla, share your story, post your why, or just let her know how you are doing today, we're all here to listen, support, and be a resource! 

Email Kyla at

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Share your story. Share Your Why. Share A picture. Share. 

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