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Resources For Parents

A breast cancer diagnosis not only affects the person with the disease, but also has a significant impact on the people around them; their families, spouses, children, friends and co-workers. Receiving the news that someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer may propel you into a flurry of emotions. It is natural to feel worried about the unknown and uncertainty. It is also natural to want to do everything you can to protect and support the person as well. After all, we want to be strong and be there for the person as they are going through grueling treatments and tireless complex decision-making. 

At (SBC), we also understand that the role the family (parent, spouse, & children), caregivers, and friends play is a critical one, and you too need support and resources. 

Navigating a breast cancer diagnosis takes both an emotional and physical toll on each and every one of us. While a lot of the attention may be directed towards the person with breast cancer, we pride ourselves on carving out space to provide education, community, and resources to meet your specific needs as the spouse, parent, child, or friend. Whether you recently found out that someone you love has been diagnosed with breast cancer, has experienced a recurrence or progression, or has passed away from metastatic disease, we hold space for you and want you to know that you are not alone. We are here for you!

Remember that each of us manages and navigates a breast cancer diagnosis differently. What we aim to provide is a community where you can share experiences and recommendations, and learn from each other. No one is navigating this alone.  Your story is someone else's lifeline. We are all experts in our own experiences; we share the names and memories of those we have lost; continue to love; and we are here to build lasting friendships and forge bonds as we navigate a breast cancer diagnosis from day one and beyond. 

With Gratitude,

Laura Carfang

Executive Director

Resources For Spouses

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