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There are several ways to get support through our online communities.  Our global network provides opportunity for you to connect with others who have been touched by breast cancer in a safe and supportive environment. 

Our online communities enables you to receive peer-to-peer support where you can ask questions, share tips, and know you are not alone in this experience. Our network consists of those diagnosed with breast cancer, survivors, thrivers, caregivers, medical professionals, advocates, and friends. 

Breast Cancer Support

Get Matched With A Mentor.

Through our partnership with ABCD and Project Life, you can now get free one-to-one support from a professionally-trained Mentor who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and who is similar to you.

Here’s how it works:

Early Stage: If you are diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, i.e., stages I-III, complete the ABCD intake form on their website and they will be in touch to match you with a mentor. 

Late Stage: If you are diagnosed with late stage breast cancer, also referred to as metastatic breast cancer or stage IV, Project Life offices mentors whether you were diagnosed de Novo, had a recurrence leading to MBC, or are experiencing progression, contact to get matched.


These services are free, completely confidential and always available. 

When completing the ABCD form or emailing Project Life, be sure to indicate you heard about the program from! 

Join the community! Have access to discussion boards, insider news and information, and make connections. 

Enjoying Nature

Despite the circumstances in which we are meeting (breast cancer and all)
I am glad you are here and welcome you to our SBC Community. 

Online Breast Cancer Support Groups

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Explore  Online Workshops

Healing Through the Arts

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Always Connected.

Never Alone.

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Attend Online Movement Classes


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